[Webinar] New generation of wearables and AI: Bringing Digital Therapeutics & clinical trials to the next level

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought telemedicine and digital health tools into the mainstream, and made patients far more familiar and comfortable with using technology to manage their health needs. Now pharma companies are embracing remote-monitoring technologies, including wearable sensors and AI predictive analytics, to drive digital therapeutics programs and virtual clinical trials. 

In this session, Chronolife’s North America Director Ben Sperling joins Bert Hartog, Senior Director at Janssen Clinical Innovation, and Francesca Wuttke, Chief Digital Officer at Almirall to discuss the opportunities presented by the digital transformation of healthcare. The panel will discuss the emergence of clinical-grade remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, and the role of mobile tech and AI in boosting treatment compliance; enabling continuous monitoring of patient response; and detecting physiological changes to enable dosage optimization and regimen recalibration in real time. 

The panel will also discuss the implications of wearables and AI for pharmaceutical trials. With 80% of clinical research participants unwilling to attend on-site appointments, RPM opens the door to long-term adoption of patient-centric, remotely run clinical trials. Participants will discuss RPM’s role in collecting, structuring, and analyzing clinical data, and also the ways that RPM can improve patient experience, reduce trial drop-out rates, increase enrollment diversity, and enable trials to be conducted across wider geographic regions.


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