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    Smart Textile x Garmin
    A combined offer for health and wellness surveillance
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    Remote Patient Monitoring Service
    Keehealth range
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    Remote Monitoring Service for Prevention
    Keehealth range
    Predictive Solution
    Prediction of worsening heart failure
    Keehealth range
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    Predictive Algorithm
    Predictive Solution

    A solution aimed at predicting cardiac decompensation

    The predictive algorithm HOTS embedded into a smartphone application

    The predictive solution is being developed with the objective to detect and predict any deterioration in the health status of heart failure patients. It comes with a smartphone application dedicated to patients as well as the predictive algorithm HOTS (Hierarchy Of event-based Time-Surfaces), directly embedded into the smartphone. The predictive solution is not CE marked yet – the launch of a clinical trial is planned to obtain the CE marking. 

    Combined with the connected medical device Keesense (CE Class IIa), the predictive solution will thus rely on the multiple physiological parameters collected by the t-shirt to generate clinically relevant alerts. 

    The predictive solution will be able to predict any cardiac decompensation before it occurs, allowing for more accurate and early treatment.

    Improving the patient's quality of life and limiting (re)hospitalization thanks to the predictive solution

    The accurate prediction of heart failure events is complicated as it requires a sophisticated set of data analysis into key clinical features that positively correlate with cardiac exacerbations. These risk factors need to be continuously examined individually to determine clinically-relevant deviations, but also together as a whole to paint a comprehensive picture of patients’ health status which will reveal insights into how these risk actors react against each other –– key to isolating potential heart failure events from other medical or non-medical incidents, reducing false positive results or false alarms. 


    Chronolife’s predictive solution, combined with the connected t-shirt Keesense, is thus designed to well address these challenges: 


    • The comfortable and machine-washable t-shirt integrates naturally into patients’ daily life and facilitates a great degree of patient compliance, ensuring the data integrity, continuity and accuracy to feed into predictive analysis 
    • Keesense continuously monitors 6 key risk factors relevant to heart failures in a concurrent and synchronized manner to accurately paint a detailed picture of patients’ overall health status 
    • Chronolife’s machine learning algorithm HOTS is capable of extracting, processing, and analyzing complex data streams: physicians will benefit from near-real time alerts generated by the HOTS algorithm, that indicate a deterioration in the patient’s health. 

    How the predictive solution works

    The physiological parameters collected by the Keesense t-shirt will be transmitted via Bluetooth to the predictive solution’s smartphone application, which will embed the HOTS algorithm. Once integrated into the smartphone, HOTS will be able to merge the data collected by the t-shirt to create trends in the patient’s health status. 

    Eventually, HOTS will be able to generate, if necessary, clinical alerts on the patient’s current and future health status.

    Extraction of the data

    Fusion of the data

    Analysis and alerts

    HOTS: an algorithm that can be integrated into a variety of devices, and for many use cases

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