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    About us

    Chronolife, a Multisource Medical Data Hub

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    Closer to Heart,
    Health and Life

    As a service operator and medtech company at the forefront of developing highly innovative digital health services, we enable healthcare professionals to have timely information for earlier intervention and to ensure a continuum of care that fills the existing gaps from hospital to home.

    Core values

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    Anywhere Healthcare Enabled by Remote Monitoring Services

    Chronic diseases and conditions are on the rise worldwide, affecting one-third of Europeans aged 15+ and an estimated 164 million Americans, nearly half of the U.S. population by 2025. An aging population, coupled with the new challenges brought about by the COVID-19 long haul, are contributing to a sharp increase in these common and costly long-term health problems, which continue to test the limit of the already congested global healthcare systems.


    Using our neuromorphic algorithm HOTS*, as well as our best-in-class smart textile technologies and next-gen third party devices, Chronolife relies on a suite of medtech products and operated services to create a new healthcare model  where people can receive regular, continuous health follow-up from the comfort of their home and throughout their normal daily lives without interference. We’re working towards a future where critical medical events can be preempted and precious hospital intensive care units (ICU) space is only reserved for those who need it most –– patients can, and should be able to recover and revitalize in their own place of choice safely and comfortably

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    A portrait of Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO of Chronolife

    “Our mission as service operator and medtech company is to contribute to the digitalization of healthcare globally through innovative remote monitoring services that truly put patient experience front and center. By providing end-to-end services for remote monitoring of health status and deterioration, we bring all stakeholders beyond physical barriers to achieve optimal patient outcomes, while allowing them to fully embrace quality of life.”

    Laurent Vandebrouck
    CEO of Chronolife

    The Chronolife Story

    The HOTS (Hierarchy Of event-based Time-Surfaces) algorithm – at the heart of Chronolife’s patented technologies was developed by some of the company’s historical founders at the Vision Institute. HOTS is a neuromorphic algorithm capable of continuously analyzing complex data streams on low bandwidth such as smartphones or tablets. 


    Realizing the huge potential of HOTS in analyzing and detecting health events, the Chronolife team objective was to integrate this artificial intelligence within a connected device in order to feed the algorithm with multiparameter and continuous health data.


    That’s when we started to prototype and eventually create our 3 Keehealth remote monitoring solutions, based on a multiparameter connected garment:



    The garment is completely machine washable and worn like everyday garments, ensuring user adherence and promoting patient’s quality of life.


    Fast forward to now, Chronolife has developed a full-fledged suite of remote health monitoring services – Keehealth, with the first real-world applications in monitoring patients with chronic diseases, therapeutic efficiency programs as well as prevention and ageing in place. Our solutions offer the possibility to connect with third-party devices (e.g saturometer), thanks to their interoperability.


    We’re rapidly expanding our offerings to other medical conditions and other areas with our Reference Design solution, which allows our customers to develop a connected textile adapted to specific needs.

    Our Timeline

    A man wearing our connected garment

    June 2019

    Obtained the CE mark for Smart Textile

    A picture showing that Chronolife receives the ISO13485 certification

    June 2019

    Achieved the ISO 13 485 certification

    A man wearing our connected garment

    Nov 2019

    Launched Smart Textile

    A patient wearing our Keesense connected medical garment

    April 2020

    Obtained the medical grade CE Class IIa mark for Keesense

    A patient wearing our connected garment and its data transfered to RPM platforms

    January 2021

    Deployed Keesense in 3 French hospitals

    A map with our targeted clinical trials country

    Year 2023

    Planning to launch a pan-Europe clinical trial to validate HOTS

    Our accolades

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    Based on our observations, Chronolife should benefit from the sector’s high multiples, ranging from 5x –10x revenues. If the company manages to ramp-up intensively, multiples could even reach higher levels as the fast-growing medtech sample.


    Bryan, Garnier & Co

    Media Recognition

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    *The predictive solution must go through a clinical trial in order to validate the HOTS algorithm’s ability to detect and predict cardiac decompensation.