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    About us

    Chronolife, a Multisource Medical Data Hub

    Chronolife’s Core Competencies

    IoMT Managed Services

    With the global IoMT market estimated to reach $332 billion by 2027, a growing number of healthcare and medical organizations are looking to launch their own devices. This is where Chronolife comes in –– we can serve as your managed services provider to operate and maintain your IoMT infrastructure, helping you lower cost, increase efficiencies, reduce downtime, mitigate security issues, and ultimately improve users’ health outcomes. We operate an end-to-end service offering, from the design of the device to the industrialization and medical certification, by operating the associated service throughout the remote monitoring programme.

    Diagram showing how chronolife offers a turnkey service to its prescribers

    Medical Device

    At Chronolife, we take medical safety seriously, and that’s why our predictive technologies and multiparameter wearable devices have been through or are going through rigorous testing and medical certification review in the European Union (Class IIa / CE Class IIb ongoing) and the United States. Our knowledge and experience in navigating the complex and meticulous medical registration process will also help you in commercializing medical-grade products. 

    Chronolife’s Patented Technologies

    Slide At the core of our digital health innovation is HOTS (Hierarchy Of event-based Time Surfaces), a patented machine learning algorithm capable of continuously analyzing complex data streams on low bandwidth (add smartphone as example) and detecting pattern deviations. This capability enables big data collection and analysis on a wide range of connected devices and objects, making HOTS the ideal technology for remotely-conducted medical decision support systems. The algorithm is currently being trained with terabytes of clinical data and it continues to get smarter, with a clinical trial underway among 552 heart failure patients across 25 hospitals in 6 countries. Predictive Analytics Powered by Artificial Intelligence 01 Slide Covering multiple human vital signs, our physiological sensors use patented dry electrodes that allow high-quality signal acquisition with no skin abrasion or preparation. Machine-washable and easily customizable, our comprehensive sensors can accurately record parameters over long periods of time and continuously power wireless data transmission to any Bluetooth-enabled device with uncompromising signal quality.  Comprehensive, High-Quality Wearable Dry Sensors 02 Slide Our patented connected textile technology uses high-quality fabrics that are comfortable to wear and safe for skin contact. We use proprietary conductive threads that optimize inter-sensor communication to facilitate continuous data fusion analytics. Durable and washable just like any typical clothing, the conductive textile can even be folded and bent with minimal loss to the signal strength or interference to wireless data transmission. Versatile Smart Clothing and Conductive Textile 03 Slide We use a sophisticated set of patented sewing techniques to protect the data-recording electronic cards from breakage, corrosion, scratching, dust and moisture, ensuring that the smart wearable is completely machine-washable and easy for the users to maintain without having to take out the electronic components. Reliable and Durable Electronic Card Encapsulation 04

    Chronolife’s Remote Monitoring Turnkey Services

    Chronolife offers a suite of turnkey remote monitoring services, covering a variety of use cases, including rehabilitation, home monitoring as well as health and safety at work and health screening

    A patient at home wearing our Keesense connected medical device
    Remote Patient Monitoring Service

    Accompany the patient all along the healthcare pathway thanks to our complete and end-to-end remote monitoring service, based on our medical device Keesense (CE Class IIa).

    Construction workers representing one of Smart Textile's use cases

    Smart Textile

    Remote Monitoring Service for Prevention & Risk Reduction

    Provides valuable support to employees, military, at-risk person thanks to our fully remote monitoring service based on our Smart Textile (CE & FCC) device as well as third-party devices.

    Predictive Service

    Remote Monitoring Service for Prediction of Worsening Heart Failure

    Under development

    Provide better monitoring and quality of life for heart failure patients through our end-to-end remote monitoring service, alerting healthcare professionnals in case of deteriorating health conditions.

    Chronolife's 100% Customized Solutions & Services

    A bra and a belt for health monitoring

    Reference Design: a connected textile
    associated with fully adaptable services

    We know that building a new smart wearable device from scratch can be challenging, that’s why Chronolife offers the development of 100% customizable wearable thanks to its Reference Design solution. From the initial concept validation and prototype design, to industrialization and certification… we accompany clients from the beginning to the end of the product development and go-to-market launch process. For more details on Chronolife’s Reference Design Solution, please click here.

    HOTS: an algorithm that can be integrated into various devices to generate intelligent health alerts

    The HOTS predictive algorithm is capable of analysing multiparametric data streams continuously, on small computing units such as smartphones or tablets. HOTS can be ported and integrated with third-party mobile devices and platforms for local analysis, to ultimately detect and predict relevant health events. For more details on Chronolife’s HOTS algorithm, please click here.

    A multiparameter monitor