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    Reference design

    One-Stop Solution for 100% Custom Health Wearable

    Chronolife provides end-to-end, full-service offering for developing and commercializing high-quality, top-performing health wearables 100% customized to your business needs and use cases, from the initial concept validation and prototype design, to certification and commercial industrialization.

    Why Chronolife is Your Trusted Reference Design Partner

    Patented Technologies in Multiparametric Monitoring & Connected Garments


    Chronolife has pioneered smart sensors capable of continuously and accurately measuring a wide range of key physiological signals. Our proprietary technology enables these smart sensors to be safely and seamlessly integrated into the custom-developed wearables, allowing them to be 100% machine-washable without compromising data transmission quality and accuracy, while ensuring a high level of comfort and ease of use.


    Proven Industry Experience and Expertise


    Chronolife has developed and commercialized our own branded health wearable, Keesense, which is medically certified and already being adopted widely in Europe. As such, we have the tried-and-true experience as well as a team of scientists, designers and engineers who have industry-leading expertise to guide you throughout the process in developing your own custom health wearable devices.


    Robust Partnership Network in the Smart Wearable Ecosystem


    From top-tier textile manufacturers to IoMT infrastructure services and data management platforms, Chronolife has assembled a robust partnership network to provide a truly end-to-end offering for all use cases and requirements of custom health wearables, dramatically accelerating your development speed and time-to-market. We accompany you even after commercialization to manage the infrastructure from the health data collection to their analysis and availability. 

    5 step approach to develop our reference design



    Concept design



    Device prototyping



    Technical validation



    Clinical validation




    Based on your specific goals for the custom health wearables, as well as the intended user profiles and deployment scenarios, Chronolife will help you define and specify the device’s functional specifications to capture the needs of all stakeholders.

    Based on the concept design, Chronolife will help you develop a custom health wearable prototype that is in the best-suited style garment tailored to your users’ needs, while fully embedded with targeted sensors for the desired use cases.

    After that, Chronolife will help you conduct a series of lab tests to ensure that the technical specifications of the prototype have been met, such as electricity circuits, signal processing, and sensor-skin interface configuration as well as all testing for performance and safety.

    Leveraging our knowledge and experience in navigating the complex and meticulous medical registration process, Chronolife can support you in every step of the certification procedures (CE, FCC, IIA, IIB, etc) across the EU and North America, including the management of necessary clinical trials and proof-of-concept programs.


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    When it gets to the commercialization stage of your custom health wearable, Chronolife is here to support you throughout every step of the way, from device manufacturing and maintenance to user deployment and data management, by bringing together all the experts, providers, and stakeholders that are critical to the success of your program.

    Reference Design Timeline for Custom Health Wearable