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    Remote Patient Monitoring Service
    Smart Textile
    Remote Monitoring Service for Prevention
    Reference Design
    Custom Connected Wearable
    Smart Textile

    A turnkey service to evaluate and improve individuals health and well-being

    Chronolife provides a complete suite of services for the remote evaluation and improvement of users’ well-being through its own
    wearable as well as third-party devices, from the collection of the data to the vizualization and analysis on a web portal.

    Chronolife Smart Textile as part of an end-to-end managed services program

    Smart Textile is a CE marked and FCC approved solution based on a comfortable and fully machine-washable wearable device, a smartphone application and a web portal for data vizualization and reports. The wearable, in the form of a t-shirt, continuously tracks 15+ physiological parameters and health indicators1 in real-life conditions. Hence, the solution supports a variety of use cases, such as sports recovery, health at work or research.

    A fully interoperable and adaptable solution

    Smart Textile mobile application and web platform are completely open and non exclusive, and can thus integrate data from a variety of third-party devices (e.g pulse oximeter, tensiometer, etc.).


    Moreover, Chronolife can interface its wearable and mobile application with different web portals, in a way that is fully personnalized to the customer’s needs.


    Heart rate
    Heart rate variability
    Nocturnal heart rate
    Brady & Tachycardia
    QT Interval
    RR Interval

    Thoracic respiration

    Abdominal respiration

    Respiratory rate
    Respiratory cycle duration
    Respiratory rate variability
    Inspirations / expirations ratio


    Number of steps


    Average skin temperature

    Protect and Empower At-Risk population thanks to our smart t-shirt

    • Sports recovery: Optimize athlete performance by collecting physiological parameters during recovery, enabling to personalize training plan, reduce risks…
    • Health at work: Day-to-day management of employee well-being by tracking multiple physiological parameters.
    • Homecare for Seniors & Aging in Place: Offer greater independence and quality of life to an aging population. Prevent accidents or anomalies, so caregivers and family members can provide assistance in a timely manner.
    • Research: Benefit from the collection of continuous and multiple physiological data as well as health indicators to feed and complete scientific reports.

    Deploy Smart Textile with Chronolife’s Full-Service Solution

    Whether you are a senior care provider, an employer that has a large workforce working at potentially hazardous environments, or an insurer looking to level up prevention for your members, Chronolife is your ideal partner for retrieving, analyzing and providing relevant physiological parameters collected through our wearable and third-party devices. Furtheremore, leveraging our robust partnership network, Chronolife is here to support you on everything from logistics, deployment and user training to data management and technical integrations.

    Our partnership with Garmin


    Smart Textile (CE) is interfaced with several Garmin® wearables2.


    The combination of Chronolife Smart Textile and Garmin wearables provides multiple and complementary data and health indicators allowing a full overview of an individual’s physiological status.


    1 The Chronolife Smart Textile solution is not intended as device for diagnosing, monitoring or any treatment purposes. Services are in no way intented to serve as a diagnostic service or platform, to provide certainty with respect to diagnosis, to recommend a particular therapy or to otherwise substitute for the clinical professional judgment of a qualified healthcare professional.

    2Garmin smartwatches are not designed or intended to monitor or diagnose diseases or any medical conditions. Find information on metric accuracy here: