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    Remote Patient Monitoring Service
    Keehealth range
    Smart Textile
    Remote Monitoring Service for Prevention
    Keehealth range
    Predictive Solution
    Prediction of worsening heart failure
    Keehealth range
    Reference Design
    Custom Connected Wearable
    Predictive Algorithm
    Smart Textile

    Custom Remote Monitoring Service for Prevention

    Chronolife provides a complete suite of services for the remote monitoring and data analysis of users’ vital signs through connected devices that collect multiple physiological datasets, which are then analyzed and interpreted via remote monitoring platforms.

    Smart Textile as part of an end-to-end managed services program

    Smart Textile is a CE and FCC approved wearable monitoring device worn as a comfortable, machine-washable smart t-shirt that continuously tracks six key different physiological parameters in real-life, non-clinical settings, to support a variety of use cases dedicated to at-risk people, such as aging in place, as well as occupational health and safety. It’s offered as a standalone wearable product or as part of a managed services program. 


    Smart Textile includes a fully customizable smartphone application, through which the remote monitoring data will be transferred, in a way that’s completely personalized and adapted to the needs of the customer. Thanks to the perfect interoperability of Smart Textile, the product also enables data collection from a variety of third-party devices (eg. Pulse oximeter, tensiometer, etc.) to capture additional physiological datasets which are all fully integrated into our open, non-exclusive and non proprietary ecosystem.  


    Smart Texitle parametesr

    Protect and Empower At-Risk population thanks to our smart t-shirt

    • Seniors Homecare & Aging in Place: Offer greater independence and quality of life to an aging population. Prevent accidents or anomalies, so caregivers and family members can provide assistance in a timely manner. 
    • Risk Prevention for Vulnerable Population: Proactively monitor at-risk users with preexisting conditions to allow caregiver intervention before health deterioration events, avoiding costly hospitalizations and healthcare expenditures.
    • Occupational Health: Day-to-day management of employee health and wellness by monitoring vital signs such as heart rate, breathing rhythms and physical activities intensity. For high-risk industries including construction and oil drilling, continuously monitor worker exposure to hazardous materials such as dust, gas or vapor, to inform protective measures and proactively control exposure level. 
    • Defense and Safety: Protect key personnel wherever they are by remotely monitoring their health status to ensure the integrity of mission-critical operations. Chronolife’s smart t-shirt meets the strictest, military-grade requirements.

    Deploy Smart Textile with Chronolife’s Full-Service Solution

    Whether you are a senior care provider, an employer that has a large workforce working at potentially hazardous environments, or an insurer looking to level up prevention for your members, Chronolife is your ideal partner for retrieving, analyzing and providing relevant health data collected through our smart t-shirt and third-party devices. Leveraging our robust partnership network, Chronolife is here to support you on everything from logistics, deployment and user training to data management and technical integrations.

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