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    Remote Patient Monitoring Service
    Smart Textile
    Remote Monitoring Service for Prevention
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    Custom Connected Wearable

    An end-to-end service that enables better remote monitoring of patient health status

    A turnkey service for remote patient monitoring

    The service is based on our Keesense® connected medical device* in the form of a t-shirt, its associated smartphone application and a web interface.


    The solution can be prescribed by healthcare professionals to support their patients throughout their care journey by remotely monitoring the evolution of their health status for rehabilitation and home monitoring. Keesense thus offers a personalized and patient-centric healthcare pathway. It can also be used to determine the impact of drug therapy in near real-time as part of therapeutic efficiency programs.

    Collecting real-life data with a comfortable and 100% washable connected medical device ​

    The connected medical device allows the real-life measurement of multiple physiological parameters. All sensors and electronics are fully integrated into the t-shirt, therefore making it very comfortable to wear and easy to use for patients. It is machine washable just as an everyday t-shirt – without the need to remove any electronic component, thus helping to solve one of the main challenges of remote monitoring: patient compliance.

    Continuous data on multiple physiological parameters


    Thoracic impedance


    Thoracic respiration

    Abdominal respiration

    Physical activity

    Date is automatically sent from the t-shirt to the smartphone and to telemonitoring platform for analysis​


    The various vital parameters collected by the connected medical device t-shirt are automatically and securely transmitted to the patient’s smartphone application via Bluetooth. In order to minimize the patient’s stress, he/she can only access his/her physical activity data (number of steps). The data is then routed to a web interface, allowing our partners to retrieve the collected information and integrate it into their own data analysis platform.


    Chronolife’s solution enables healthcare professionals to intervene before any significant deterioration in the patient’s health status thanks to its continuous monitoring and customizable alerts transmitted by the remote monitoring platform. With faster care and timely medical attention, Keesense allows patients to safely recover at home and reduce unnecessary hospital readmission, saving them from expensive hospitalization costs.


    Thanks to its fully interoperable platform, Chronolife provides an end-to-end service, allowing healthcare professionals to receive personalized alerts and dashboards via one of our remote monitoring platform partners. The RPM platform integrates patient raw data as well as our pre-treated health indicators, collected through the Keesense medical device, to provide an optimized interface for patient management, data visualization as well as analysis. Healthcare professionals can monitor multiple patients at the same time, while optimizing costs. In addition, the alert system supports healthcare professionals in their diagnosis and decision making regarding the associated treatment.

    “Keesense has a technological superiority over its predecessors. Until now, we were limited to remote monitor one or two physiological parameters, but now Keesense offers to monitor multiple parameters simultaneously, thus allowing for better therapeutic options.”

    Rond couleur

    Dr. Laurent Sebbag

    Head of the Heart Failure and Transplantation Department,

    Louis Pradel Hospital, Bron, HCL FR

    Click here to access the interview with Dr Laurent Sebbag

    *The Keesense solution, manufactured by Chronolife, is designed for the continuous monitoring of physiological parameters. Version 1 of this medical device is a regulated health product and is CE mark (in accordance with European Directive 92/43/EC). Please read the instructions for use carefully. Keesense version 2 is undergoing certification according to the requirements of the new medical device regulation (2017/745/EU). November 2023. Click here to access the user information.