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    An end-to-end, open platform for preventive monitoring of patients and at-risk people

    As a service operator and medtech company at the forefront of developing highly innovative digital health services, we provide precise and timely information on people’s health, making it possible to adjust actions and prevent potential complications

    Closer to Heart, Health and Life


    Using our best-in-class wearables technologies and next-gen third party devices*, we relies on a suite of medtech solutions and operated services to provide better health monitoring. Our solutions enables patients to be monitored from the comfort of their home, but also allow people in high-risk professions or top-level sportsmen and women to benefit from close monitoring of their health. Learn more about Chronolife.

    An interoperable system


    Having built completely interoperable technological bricks, from our textile, through the smartphone application, to the visualization web interface, it is possible to adapt the solution to your needs, or even develop a custom wearable for you.

    Our areas of expertise

    Cardiac rehabilitation

    Sport recovery

    Defense, Security, Oil & Gaz, Pharma

    Our technology

    20+ raw data & health indicators

    Accurate analysis by combining physiological parameters

    Direct physiological data

    Continuous, automatic, real-life data

    Easy to use, fully machine washable, comfortable

    Our services

    Integrated offers available

    based on our multiparametric wearable

    Custom offer

    based on our key technologies

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    Cardiac rehabilitation

    Smart Textile

    Sports recovery


    Reference Design

    Custom wearable

    Benefit from our expertise and patented technologies to develop, produce and certify a custom wearable, 100% adapted to your use cases.

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    Our collaborations