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    Rigshospitalet, the main hospital in Denmark based in copenhagen, collaborate with Chronolife for a clinical investigation in oncology

    Paris, March 31, 2022- Chronolife, a service operator in healthcare, today announced the launch of a clinical investigation in collaboration with Rigshospitalet, the largest hospital in Denmark in 2021, ranked as one of the World’s 20 Best Hospitals 2021. The clinical investigation aims to explore the role of remote patient monitoring in assisting cancer patients with their care journeys, particularly the potential benefits in advancing user adherence and providing clinically-comprehensive insights from leveraging non-intrusive, smart sensing wearables that can measure multiple physiological data concurrently, while giving patients quality of life.

    Cancer treatment is typically an arduous, long process for patients who often suffer from painful side effects as well as emotional duress, not to mention the psychological burden that comes with having to stay in physically-confining spaces in order to receive constant health monitoring. To improve patient wellbeing and manage symptom exacerbations, health systems are getting more and more innovative with how they manage cancer patients.

    Chronolife has created Keesense, a connected t-shirt and medical device that continuously monitors multiparameter physiological data, to help healthcare professionals remotely assess patients’ health status throughout the care continuum. In this 3-weeks clinical investigation, young adults and elderly cancer patients who are undergoing antineoplastic treatment at Rigshospitalet will wear Keesense for 12 hours a day. Patients will be equipped with a smartphone accompanying app to retrieve their physiological data and to monitor the rate and quantity of data transmission compared with actual patient activity logs.

    Participating patients will be observed for their adherence, comfort level and experience with the Keesense medical device, which is worn just like any other regular daily undergarment and designed to allow complete freedom of movement. The aim is to transform the cancer patient experience by giving patients the independence and freedom they crave in a normal life which will help address treatment-related depressions and boost their positivity levels. 

    “I’m excited to see Keesense’s new use case in cancer patient management, to demonstrate its benefits in enhancing the oncology patient’s care pathway,” said Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO of Chronolife. “We’re honored to collaborate with such a forward-thinking health center as Rigshospitalet that is looking to transform oncology care with next-gen technology while also improving patient quality of life.”

    At the completion of the clinical investigation, Chronolife and Rigshospitalet will collaborate on authoring scientific papers based on the analysis and reporting of study results and outcomes to contribute in academic publications. This could provide meaningful guidance for oncology physicians and healthcare providers as they navigate remote monitoring programs for early intervention in cancer patients such as prescribing supportive medications, making dosage modifications, and providing targeted patient education materials.


    About Chronolife

    Chronolife operates an open ecosystem of digital health turnkey services for remote patient monitoring and early detection of deteriorating health conditions. The company relies on its own off-the-shelf or custom multiparametric connected medical devices as well as 3rd-party devices for continuous monitoring of everyday life. Chronolife valorizes and makes the data available through telemonitoring platforms. Founded in 2015 and based in Paris, with a subsidiary in San Diego, Chronolife was co-founded by iBionext, a unique ecosystem and investment fund dedicated to the creation of innovative healthtech startups.




    USA: Ran Xu – Rosebud                                                                    



    Helle Pappot – Clinical Professor


    The Keesense solution, manufactured by Chronolife, is intended for the continuous monitoring of physiological parameters. This medical device is a regulated health product which is CE marked under this regulation. Please read the instructions for use carefully. March 2022.

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