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    Chronolife announces appointment of Dr. Zarifah Reed, M.D., as Chief Medical Officer as it prepares key clinical trial across Europe

    Paris (France), March 12, 2019 – Chronolife, an artificial intelligence company specialized in digital health, announced the appointment of Dr. Zarifah Reed as Chief Medical Officer. In this role, Dr Reed will oversee the clinical development of Chronolife’s predictive and innovative solution for detection & prediction of worsening heart failure.

    Chronolife’s predictive solution comprises of a washable T-Shirt capable of continuously collecting, storing and transmitting data, a smartphone application that receives, stores and transmits data as well as analyses it with Chronolife’s proprietary HOTS (Hierarchy Of event-based Time Surfaces) algorithm and a Web interface. Chronolife’s T-shirt can collect multiple physiological parameters important for the monitoring of medical conditions including electrocardiogram, abdominal breathing, thoracic breathing, pulmonary impedance, physical activity and body temperature. The data is transmitted through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) on T-shirt to smartphone application continuously, which conducts quasi real-time analysis and data fusion to detect and predict the state of health of the patient using HOTS. All data are then transmitted and stored on a secure and accredited server for remote access through a web portal.

    Chronolife has initiated the manufacturing of its T-shirts in preparation for its CE marking and commercial release as a public consumer and healthcare suite of products.

    The recruitment of Dr. Zarifah Reed as Chief Medical Officer supports an ambitious launch plan. Dr Reed has over 15 years of experience developing biomedical products, leading trials throughout Europe & the US. She has a comprehensive knowledge of clinical trials, ranging from management of trial design and implementation to ensuring data excellence on quality, safety and regulatory requirements. Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO of Chronolife is confident that “Dr. Reed’s extensive knowledge in driving clinical development programs will bring added value to the successful launch of Chronolife’s predictive solution on the European market and beyond”.

    Dr. Zarifah Reed is “thrilled to be joining Chronolife and help demonstrate the efficiency of their solution. This clinical trial will include over 500 patients in France, Germany and Denmark. Patients will be equipped during hospital discharge following a cardiac decompensation. The data collected will be essential to train and validate the patented algorithm HOTS for detection and prediction of chronic heart failure.”

    To ensure the scientific and technical quality of the trial, Chronolife has established a scientific steering committee consisting of renowned cardiologists who are heart failure specialists and other experts experienced in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) from countries where the clinical trial will take place. Dr Laurent Sebbag, Head of Heart Failure and Transplant Department of Louis Pradel hospital in Bron, France, chairs this committee and has expressed that “The creation of this committee is proof of Chronolife’s commitment in producing a high-quality solution perfectly suited to the needs of both patients and health providers. I am glad that our collective efforts will contribute to launch one of the most innovative connected solutions in cardiology. ”


    Chronolife is an artificial intelligence company specialized in digital health. Its patented technology is a unique neuromorphic algorithm called HOTS (Hierarchy Of even-based Time Surfaces), which analyses several data flows continuously, to characterize clinical events. Chronolife has developed a smart wearable that integrates various sensors to monitor physiological data continuously. This data is analyzed by the smartphone application on patient’s phone that uses HOTS technology to conduct data fusion. Chronolife is at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) this week. Booth 50415 Business France Pavilion , Eureka Park, Sands Expo Convention Center, Venetian Hotel 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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