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    Medical monitoring: Chronolife partners with be-ys to optimize remote care of patients with chronic diseases

    Paris, (France) November 24th, 2020 – Chronolife, an artificial intelligence company specialized in digital health, and be-ys, expert in health data management and security, have both decided to combine their skills in order to offer healthcare professionals a turnkey service that provides continuous and multi-parametrical remote medical monitoring of patients suffering from chronic diseases.


    The marked CE Class IIa medical device developed by Chronolife named Keesense™ includes a connected T-shirt which provides continuous and simultaneous measurement of several physiological parameters (electrocardiogram, physical activity, thoracic and abdominal respiration, pulmonary impedance and body temperature). The device is machine washable, very comfortable and easy to use, and facilitates both its use and patient compliance for an efficient remote monitoring. The measurement of the various physiological parameters recorded by Keesense on the be-ys optified-self platform allows the data to be visualized, and to alert practitioners in the event of a significant variation in the patient’s state of health in order to proceed with appropriate treatment.

    In a context of a health crisis during which hospital services have to put up with a lot of pressure and face a tremendous lack of beds and resources to manage patients with chronic diseases, telemonitoring appears as a real opportunity to reduce hospital admissions and readmissions, but also as a real opportunity to bring back to the hospital only previously diagnosed patients who are indeed in need of intensive care, and finally to improve the quality of life of patients.

    “Collaborating with the be-ys optified-self platform recognized for its expertise in the processing of personal and confidential health data flows has a real symbolic. It means guaranteeing doctors continuous remote monitoring thanks to multi-parametrical medical data collected in real-life conditions, but it also means providing a better remote diagnosis of the patient’s state of health. Our ambition with Keesense is to reduce the impact of chronic diseases regarding the organization of the healthcare system. Notably by reducing the number of hospital admissions or readmissions, while at the same time improving the quality of life of patients with continuous monitoring at home.” stated Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO of Chronolife.

    “We are very pleased to start this collaboration with Chronolife. With Chronolife’s Keesense medical device associated with our platform, we have combined our technological expertise to offer a remote medical monitoring solution that will both facilitate the work of healthcare professionals and improve the continuity of remote care for patients with chronic diseases.” stated Laurent Caredda, chairman of be-ys.

    Chronolife and be-ys start their collaboration with the aim to deploy this remote monitoring solution to several hospitals and cardiology departments in France. The two digital health experts plan to develop similar initiatives in the field of therapeutic efficiency, prevention and other chronic diseases. Chronolife’s Keesense solution and be-ys’ optified-self medical telemonitoring platform are part of the French decree on telemonitoring: the “ETAPES program” short for “Telemedecine Experimentation for the Improvement of Health Care Paths”  in French.

    About Chronolife


    Chronolife is a company specializing in digital health, that develops different solutions for remote monitoring and prediction of the health status of a patient: Customizable Solution (CE(EU & FCC (US) approved); Medical Monitoring Solution, Keesense™ (CE Class Iia (EU) & FDA clearance ongoing (US)); Predictive Solution (CE Class IIb ongoing (EU)). Chronolife has developped a comfortable and washable connected garment that integrates multiple sensors to monitor physiological data continuously. Its Predictive Solution integrates the patented neuromorphic algorithm HOTS (Hierarchy Of event-based Time-Surfaces) to conduct data fusion. HOTS is being developed to analyze several data flows continuously to detect changes in a patient’s health and to trigger alerts to healthcare professionals to predict acute pathological episodes. Chronolife was co-founded in 2015 by iBionext, a unique ecosystem and investment fund dedicated to the creation, development and financing of disruptive health tech start-ups, and majority shareholder of Chronolife since its creation.

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    About be-ys


    be-ys positions itself as a universal digital trust agent with its own HDS-certified data center. be-ys health Solutions France is the subsidiary of the be-ys group dedicated to digital healthcare solutions. be-ys health Solutions France designs omnichannel and multiservice healthcare platforms, combining digital and human support. The optified-self solution is used by hospitals in SaaS mode for remote medical monitoring of patients with heart failure or with implanted prostheses. This solution is structured around an electronic patient record, and it can be integrated into hospital IT systems if required. It enables management of multi-parametrical alerts, coordination of city-hospital care, and visualization of the data collected by the connected objects.

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