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    Keesense Smart Textile Predictive Solution Reference Design HOTS

    Ageing in place

    An Innovative Monitoring Technology
    for Ageing in place

    Benefits of Wearable Monitoring for Elders

    Wearable monitors that offer remote patient monitoring (RPM) are an effective means to help our aging adults manage their care away from existing health centers. A majority of older individuals have chronic or acute illnesses or injuries, with eight out of ten older Americans living with one or more chronic diseases. In Europe, about 37% of people aged 65+ reported having at least two chronic diseases on average across EU countries.
    Findings from the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Care Coordination/Home Telehealth program show costs associated with telehealth and RPM efforts are about $1,600 per patient per annum, compared to VHA’s home-based primary care services at $13,121 per patient per year and market nursing home care rates that average $77,745 per patient per year.
    The Public Health Institute notes that the U.S. healthcare system would reduce costs by $200 billion in the next 25 years if there is a major shift to remote monitoring tools in cases of congestive heart failure, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and chronic wounds or skin ulcers, which disproportionately affect older individuals.
    An elderly couple watching their smartphones on the sofa
    An elderly woman in her garden wearing our connected monitoring device

    Chronolife’s Smart Textile Monitoring Technology for Aging in Place

    Smart Textile is a CE and FCC approved monitoring device worn as a comfortable, machine-washable smart t-shirt that continuously tracks a wide range of different physiological parameters in real-life, non-clinical settings, to offer greater independence and quality of life to the aging population, while allowing caregivers and family members to proactively monitor any anomalies or detect accidents, so they can provide assistance in a timely manner.


    Importance of Multiparametric Monitoring for Seniors


    The importance of collecting diverse, multiple, and comprehensive sets of physiological data cannot be overstated when it comes to monitoring the well-being of seniors. According to a recent research article published in Medicine, the ability to continuously monitor significant changes in vital signs could be significant when it comes to in-hospital mortality among elderly with trauma.


    Chronolife’s multiparametric monitoring Smart Textile solution tracks a number of key physiological signals including electrocardiogram, heart rate, respiration, temperature and thoracic impedance which provide critical information to seniors’ health status. Being able to concurrently monitor a comprehensive range of physiological parameters allows caregivers and family members to not only keep track of elders with specific health concerns for noticeable triggers but also evaluate signals under the context of their global health status which may surface anomalies previously not known, all as part of a cohesive prevention and wellness program to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle for seniors.

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