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    Use cases

    Keesense Smart Textile Predictive Solution Reference Design HOTS

    Custom Use Case

    Reference Design, a Custom Remote Monitoring Service adapted to your needs

    A connected tshirt, a connected bra and a connected knee brace

    What is

    Reference Design


    Chronolife develops and commercializes high-quality, top-performing custom connected  monitoring wearables customized to your business needs and use cases. From the initial concept validation and prototype design, to certification and commercial industrialization, Chronolife offers an end-to-end service, tailored to your needs.


    Market Trends and Growth​


    The size of the real-time health monitoring devices market is expected to grow at 13.8% CAGR and worth USD 110 Billion by 2025. Improvements in sensor accuracy and advances in miniaturization will drive additional growth in the market as the devices become increasingly inconspicuous on users wearing them. Along with these improvements, wearable devices will become even more capable of accurate readings, increasing demand in the next 3-5 years.

    Example #1

    A Smart Textile to Monitor Patient's Joint Health

    Chronolife collaborate with Chugai fort the development of a smart textile that will monitor patients’ joint health.


    The device will allow for remote assistance and diagnosis that will provide a “continuum of care” between healthcare centers and patients’ homes. If successful, the device will provide real-time processing of qualified alerts and will enable rapid therapeutic decisions pending the state of patients’ joint health.


    “We are very proud to support Chugai Pharma France in this ambitious project. It is a recognition of Chronolife’s expertise in the design and development of innovative connected medical devices, applicable to specific use cases,” says Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO of Chronolife.


    The RPM experience should transform the patient experience by allowing patients to regain a sense of independence with a newfound freedom from frequent visits to healthcare facilities, which will significantly improve their quality of life. 

    An image showing where the joint issues can be in the human body
    A military man on the field


    Smart Wearables for US Army Soldiers, Military Personnel and Veterans

    Chronolife recently announced a strategic collaboration with Mission1st Solutions, the leading government health IT provider. Chronolife will develop and deploy a range of smart wearable-based health monitoring solutions for the specific needs of U.S. army soldiers, military personnel, and veterans.


    “Mission First Solutions is thrilled to have Chronolife as a partner.  The future of healthcare is remote monitoring capability outside of medical facilities, wearables and early detection, which is Chronolife’s expertise.  The Chronolife technology will allow the defense health agency and the other government healthcare interests, to provide remote monitoring to anyone requiring it.  Chronolife’s cutting edge technology and nimble adaptability creates a unique opportunity to change the way a person’s health is monitored and treated.”


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